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What We Offer

Pest Management Consultants provides its clients with the following specialized and integrated services:

Management & consultancy services for projects

  • Provide specialized public health pest management services.
  • Set and implement customized Integrated Pest Management plans (IPMPs).
  • Perform field surveys to intercept and solve pest problems.
  • Monitor integrated pest management plans during construction and after handover of projects.
  • Receive and process pest-related complaints from the public and integrate these into geographic information systems to improve implemented pest control operations.
  • Set up and execute awareness campaigns for the public, government bodies and private sector to encourage them in participating in the pest control plans in their areas.
  • Provide advance training for pest management technicians and inspectors.

Set contingency plans for pest-related epidemics

  • Devise contingency plans with international standards to respond to and solve pest-related epidemics.
  • Monitor infestation levels of epidemic public health pests.
  • Execute and manage contingency plans in coordination with government bodies and NGOs.

Provide pest management consultancy in urban planning

  • Establish standardized measures and design criteria to reduce pest problems in urban planning.
  • Provide retainer consultancy services to advice legislative bodies on the compatibility of proposed projects with sustainable pest management standards.

Advice on standards for registration and usage of pesticides

  • Advice government bodies on standards for the registration of pesticides according to latest published scientific studies in safety and efficiency and in connection with international pesticide registration bodies.


What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Offer